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Here you can see where Cliterally The Best or Evie Plumb has been featured in the press talking about sex & sex positivity - helping normalise healthy conversations around sex and our body!
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Everything You Should Consider Before Having a Threesome - Zoella

"Learn what each person enjoys before. Find out what turns them on and voice what gets you going too. As well as this, don’t feel like you have to jump in straight away. Take it slow, ease it in, take breaks if you need to. There’s no wrong way to have sex and this applies no matter how many people are involved – do what works for you."

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The best sex positions to help you orgasm whether you're with a partner or going solo - Woman and Home

" This is a position for those feeling flexible and can also be great for those with partners who come with smaller packages," says Evie Plumb sex educator and expert at Here We Flo. It might take time to get the angle right, but it's worth it for the fun of trying a new sex position and it's great for G-spot stimulation. Coupled with clitoral stimulation from you, your partner, or a toy will give maximum pleasure in this sex position," advises Evie. We can't argue with that!"

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Experience heavy periods? Your complete coping guide, ft. advice from 3 menstrual experts - Marie Claire

" It’s important to know your normal, shares Plumb.”Do go to the doctor if you have any new heavy bleeding as this can be a sign of gynaecological cancer, like womb or cervical cancer,” the expert stresses."

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Cliterally the Best Podcast Out There! - The C Word Mag

" Evie is a champion for sex positivity and has been inspiring her followers to try new things with her impassioned posts and honest reviews she informs the masses about everything from sustainable period products and ethical porn, but she also educates us about our bodies - an education most of us missed out on during our lacklustre sex-ed classes in schools"

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7 Uplifting Instagram Accounts To Follow During The Coronavirus - Forbes

" Plumb’s “positivity puns” and charming illustrations fill me with near daily delight, and I occasionally laugh out loud upon seeing them. I sent Encouragemint to several clients who I knew were struggling to adapt to the current landscape. I also particularly enjoyed “Sex tape,” which includes two smiling tape dispensers innocently positioned to spell the number 69. With most posts, she also includes articles about mental health support and reflections about her own journey."

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