how to clean your sex toys

How To Clean Your Sex Toys

Evie Plumb ·

Sex toys need to be loved as much as you love the orgasms they bring you.

Regular cleaning ensures they last longer and that you’re not getting any pesky UTIs or STIs.

However, it can be confusing with all the different types of materials used to make these wonderful pleasure tools. I’m going to break it down so even the biggest novice can understand!

How Often Should I Clean My Toys?

Like all boring chores cleaning sex toys is a necessary skill to learn.

Once we have had that O, were not really thinking about cleaning, but it’s super important for your genital in terms of infections and STIs – especially for those who have vulvas!

You should clean your toys after every use and in between using them on different parts of the body, such as the mouth, vagina and anus.

Sex toys should come with instructions on how to clean them, but we’re all human and tend to throw away the packaging in the excitement!

Common Mistakes Made With Toy Cleaning.

Here are some common mistakes when it comes to cleaning your sex toys!

Not Cleaning Your Toy When You First Arrive.

You may think, why do I need to wash it? Its never been used? But these toys will have been handled to package and will have remnants of the machinery used to make them – and your genitals are lil’ sensitive organs with lil’ sensitive PHs.

Toys are not required to be sold sterile so there could be all sorts of dust and bacteria on them!

Not Checking Whether Your Toy Is Waterproof

Nowadays, most toys are waterproof or at least water-resistant, but it is still a good idea to check before you go boiling it in water or taking it in the bath with you!

Nothing more heartbreaking than a broken sex toy.

Not Drying Your Sex Toys Properly

This is a wise one to stick to, as if you do not dry your toys off before putting them back into their home it could create a cosy and damp breeding ground for bacteria!

Using Scented Soaps, Household Products or Even Bleach!

Remember, your toys are going to be going back in and around your genitals and if you haven’t rinsed it properly, our super absorbent pink bits will lap it up which can cause irritation and infection.

Cleaning Porous Toys Like You Would A Non-Porous Toy

If you’re chosen toy is made from a porous material it’s important you are cleaning it a lot more thoroughly than a non-porous toy. The little pores and gaps is a great way for bacteria to hide in.

It’s advised to even wear a condom with these types of toys – especially when sharing toys!

How To Clean Glass, Silicone & Pyrex Toys.

These types of sex toys should be boiled in hot water and cleaned with MILD unscented soap or toy cleaner (I recommend the Sweet Vibes ‘Foami’ Toy Cleaner – grab 15% off with me!) – this only applies If the toy is made from non-porous silicone and isn’t motorised.

If the toy is not waterproof and is motorised, place it under hot water but do not submerge the toys and use a mild soap/toy cleaner.

Make sure you always rinse the sex toy well to reduce bacteria build-up and to reduce the risk of getting a pesky STI!

If not motorised or porous, these types of toys can even be put in the dishwasher!

How To Clean Rubber, PVC & Jelly Toys.

These types of sex toys are porous and bacteria can hide in these pores, making them difficult to clean thoroughly.

Clean with warm water and mild soap before and after use to reduce the risk of infection.

To get into the smaller areas I recommend buying a special spray cleaner like mentioned above with a toothbrush to get in the crevices (not the same one you use to brush your teeth with obvs…).

It is recommended to use condoms with these toys. 

How To Clean Crystal, Stone & Non-Pyrex Glass Toys.

These types of sex toys are generally porous unless they have been sealed in a specific way.

Clean with mild soap/toy cleaner and warm water or a damp soapy cloth.

Crystal and Non-Pyrex glass is much more delicate to heat, so do not boil.

Make sure you rinse and dry well to reduce the risk of infection from the soap.

How To Clean Wood & Leather Toys.

Both types of toys tend to be very porous unless the wood has been treated with a medical-grade sealant.

Clean your wooden toy with warm water and mild soap or a damp soapy cloth. Think of how you would clean your wooden chopping board.

Leather toys can be hard to clean as they’re so porous. Wipe down with a damp soapy cloth and leave it to air dry. Don’t miss the stitching!

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